Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Unroll 360 degree camera views with one click

ClickIt DVR interface

Many companies have made the decision to cover the interior of their establishments with as few cameras as possible. They do this with 360 degree camera, big fisheye lenses, or a combination of the two. They get to check the box of having CCTV. You get to try and fix this mess back in the lab.

ClickIt DVR 360 degree view camera

In this case, the ClickIt DVR allows the user to segregate camera views and output individual views as separate files. But, you're still left with that hideous 360 degree camera view.

Not to worry, we've got you covered with Amped FIVE. There's a little gem of a filter that's been in the Edit filter group for a while now. It's called Unroll.

Unroll is one of the many "easy buttons" that are found in Amped Five. Let's take a look at what happens when you activate this powerful filter.

Upon activation of the Unroll filter, the file is unrolled into a panorama. It might be upside down / backwards. Don't worry, that's an easy fix as well. Check out the Flip filter, also in the Edit filter group. In this case, I flipped the file both horizontal and vertical (using the signage in the scene to judge the correct orientation).

In all, from conversion of format to a correctly oriented view, this fix took less than 2 minutes. That is the power of FIVE.

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