Thursday, May 25, 2017

FFT for video - yes, video

Eliminating repeating pattern noise from images has been a pain for forensic analysts for quite some time. There are tons of freeware apps and plug-ins ranging in price from inexpensive to cost prohibitive Some of their limitations include: they only work on images, their reliability is spotty, you must document your work without quite knowing how the tool is doing what it's doing.

Imagine having to account for the frequency spikes in each frame of video. This has been the barrier to using FFT tools to fix noise in video. Until now ...

Enter Amped FIVE (Axon Five*). FFT has been a part of the tool set for quite some time. Last year, we added Automatic Selection functionality. Auto Selection Mode, automatically identifies frequencies to remove without user intervention. What's the big deal? VIDEO!!!

Check out the video below to see FFT with Auto Selection Mode in action.

For the most part, it's a one-click fix.

As folks buy cheap CCTV systems meant for an indoor installation and place the cameras and cables outside (in the weather), the components degrade, corrode, and create all sorts of problems for the vide signal. With our tools, including FFT with Auto Selection, you can restore the video accurately. Then, when finished, you'll find that our reporting functionality has kept track of your activities. Just generate the report. The ease of use of our reporting tool is second to none.

If you'd like more info on our amazing tools, or to sign up for an upcoming training session, contact us today.

*The Axon Forensic Suite tools are powered by Amped Software technologies.

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