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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

FIVE now supports around 70% of proprietary formats on the market

Yesterday, Amped Software announced a significant update to FIVE. Here's what's new and improved:

  • Video Loader: if format is not properly decoded, tries to apply the DVR conversion
  • Video Loader: added buttons to panel for DVR conversion
  • Video Writer: fixed rounding error which was not always setting the precise output frame rate
  • Component Separation: additional parameter to extract a specific channel without the need of an additional filter
  • Software protection: corrected bug on systems with multiple Amped dongles (only the first was recognized) [I noticed this when leaving dongles in for FIVE and Authenticate]
  • Filter Settings: on/off button icon changes when toggled
  • DVR Change Container To AVI: improved support for proprietary DVR formats conversion (now supports around 70% of formats on the market)
  • DVR Change Container To AVI: if the input file path is not writable (e.g. DVD) it saves the converted file on the Desktop
  • User Interface: improved Filters panel mouse over behavior to avoid inadvertently change filter group
  • Video decoding: avoid crash for videos that have a frame rate of zero (variable frame rate), setting it to 1 as default.
With the conversion of format being the bulk of my current work, this is huge news. FIVE is a great time saving tool given that you have the proprietary file preserved - and most times the investigator just needs a quick look to see if the video is relevant.

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