Thursday, April 3, 2014

Crop in Amped FIVE

I've had a few questions come in about reading the automatically generated report from Amped Software's FIVE. Today, we'll deal with the report as it deals with the Crop command.

First, it's important to remember that things in the Amped world go clockwise from the top left of the screen. Thus, the position at the top left of your image is X=0, Y=0.

The report features a set of four numbers. These are X=, Y=, W=, H=. This can be read as, from the X,Y position, the crop is W,H.

As an example, 463, 176, 272, 376 can be read as from X=463, Y=176, the cropped area is 272 wide by 376 high. Remember, the X,Y position is the top left of the cropped area. Thus, the 272 goes to the right of the image and the 376 goes down.


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