Monday, April 15, 2013

Training, training, and more training

You might have noticed a significant lack of posts on the blog recently. Well ... I've been tuning up an entirely new set of training offerings - Image Authentication with Amped's Authenticate and Live FVA of your Milestone enabled pole cam feeds. Both of which kick off this week in Pasadena at the NaTIA Pacific Chapter's Spring Meeting.

I've been working more on solving specific problems related to where images and video originate. The focus on Milestone enabled CCTV systems begins that specific track and covers a wide gamut of product offerings, from pole cams to large facility CCTV. The wonderful thing about Amped FIVE is that you can either dial into the camera itself and do FVA live, or you can work with Milestone's native files.

The other focus has to do with mobile phones and other small scale digital devices. More folks are carrying around some form of mobile device, from iPhones to iPads ... and capturing scenes relevant to crime scene investigations. The workflow involves a step-by-step from getting it off the device to working with it to clarify the footage - even if it's been deleted. (I remember the original LEVA FVA and the Law - it only focussed on tapes as source material)

So look for these topics to be dealt with more in the future. If you're interested in attending a future training session, I'm confirmed for this week in Pasadena, for June's Mobile Forensics World in Myrtle Beach, SC, and LEVA's annual conference in September. More dates are on the way.

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