Monday, April 22, 2013

Forensic Video Response Team

I've received a number of calls, texts, and e-mails related to the Boston bombings. An interesting trend in the questions surfaced almost immediately - that the lack of LE FVA experts on the news shows indicates a lack of cooperation. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Here's the statement from LEVA: The Law Enforcement and Emergency Services Video Association, (LEVA) maintains a network of trained forensic video analysts and facility at their digital multimedia evidence processing lab at the University of Indianapolis. This facility was designed for large scale forensic video processing and analysis efforts to be able to respond to acts of terrorism in the United States post September 11, 2001.

The Vancouver, British Columbia Police Department established a model in proper collection and analysis of digital video, image and multimedia evidence during their investigation of the Stanley Cup Riots in June, 2011. As a member agency of LEVA, Vancouver Police requested activation of the LEVA lab and the forensic video response team to assist with processing and examining the video and image evidence they had collected. This model set the standard for how large scale video and image evidence analysis efforts should be conducted and received national acclaim from the International Association of Chiefs of Police as the Vancouver Police Department and LEVA were both awarded commendations for excellence in forensic science. LEVA intends to follow the Vancouver Police model if called upon to assist in the examination and processing of digital video or multimedia evidence stemming from any major incident, including a terrorist act.

LEVA, and the more specifically the LEVA lab is the only place in the world where large scale video and digital image processing and analysis efforts can be undertaken quickly and efficiently. The LEVA lab and forensic video response team can be activated upon the request of any law enforcement agency to assist with the investigation of any large scale critical incident.

Blaine Davison

One thing that I know still holds true, we don't comment about our involvement in active cases. We don't get to talk about our work on a case until it's part of the public record ... usually at the end of the case. If we're lucky enough to assist on big cases like the London or Madrid bombings, or the Vancouver Riots ... we're largely working in the background. No one joins the civil service for fame or glory. Most are just happy to help where they can. So, if you're looking for a scoop, or a roster of who helped where - you'll likely not find it. Rest assured, however, that it's all getting handled ... and handled well.

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