Thursday, April 18, 2013

Photoshop Sneak Peek: See What's to Come

Adobe's John Nack shared this video about what's coming in a future version of Photoshop.

Based on the short video, it looks like they're attempting to do an automatic PSF correction to motion blurred images - also called deconvolution.

You know me by now, I'm not a huge fan of automatic corrections. From a repeatability standpoint, they're problematic. They're also problematic from a documentation standpoint. Thankfully, I've had the ability to do this for a while now - in AmpedFIVE. Here's a comparable video example - from 4 years ago - demonstrating the same functionality in FIVE. The nice thing about FIVE, is that you can do this on images or video - make precise, reliable, and repeatable adjustments - right now ... you don't need to wait on CS7.


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