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Friday, February 15, 2013

NaTIA Pacific Chapter Meeting News

The dates have been set for the NaTIA Pacific Chapter's Spring Meeting. We'll be in Pasadena, at the historic Scottish Rite Cathedral, April 15-18.

Among other business, including the vendor showcase, I'll be presenting the following seminars:

1. FVA of native IP cam (Milestone) footage with AmpedFIVE (2 hours)
With the roll-out of IP cameras, it goes without saying that some of the footage will need to be enhanced or clarified. This session will illustrate how Amped FIVE can work with the native Milestone files that come from cameras like Axis (the most popular cameras in the law enforcement arsenal) as well as work with the live feed, dialing into the camera/server directly and performing enhancements to the live feed.

2. Authentication of digital images (2 hours)
Programs like JPEG Snoop and FourMatch are based on a database of camera signatures. Thus, they are not effective in authenticating images from social media, DVRs, or deleted images carved from cell phone data dumps. Contextual authentication - has the image been altered through cut/paste or delete - is at the heart of most requests for authentication of digital images in our courts. This session will illustrate the many domains of contextual authentication using Amped's Authenticate.

The meeting is open to dues current NaTIA members and is a LE only event. If you are an active LE employee involved in surveillance or digital forensics, consider joining the National Technical Investigators Association. The annual dues are still only $25.

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