Monday, February 18, 2013

Good morale means a productive watch

From the LAPPL Blue Line: "I must preface this with the experience that I believe helped mold me for such an important position. I served in the U.S. Marine Corps for four years and attained sergeant prior to entering the Academy. I have worked various assignments throughout my 30-year career: prostitution enforcement detail, field training officer, Metropolitan Division, field supervisor and CRASH supervisor.

Throughout my career, I have worked for many captains, lieutenants and sergeants who each have their own different leadership styles. I took the good traits from all of them to create my leadership style. My main concern is for the safety of each and every officer on my watch. I talk tactics and safety on a daily basis. I promote teamwork and never ever allow an environment that is not productive for each officer and the Department. I promote doing the right thing at all times. Mistakes of the heart are just that and should be treated that way. Every little mistake does not have to be documented.

As the watch commander, I must lead by example and set the tone in roll call each and every day. I never leave roll call on a negative note. I must mentor both veteran and junior supervisors and share my philosophies on leadership. I take charge of major incidents and make my directions clear and concise. Finally, I debrief each and every tactical situation and accept criticism as a positive learning experience.

I must support those who are accused of misconduct, keep in touch with those who are sick or injured and let them know I am there for them 24/7. Additionally, I give advice and support through family loss, illness, divorce, child custody and depression. This applies to both sworn and civilian employees; they know where they can go for advice. I must know my people on a professional basis and a personal one in order to understand them better. Morale on my watch is my responsibility, and I will promote it on a daily basis; good morale means a productive watch.

One of the hardest watch commander duties is to support new Department policies good or bad, whether we agree or disagree, and sell them to our people.

Always remember, “take care of the troops and be safe.”

— Sgt. James Reid, Foothill Area Watch Commander"

Given the pain and suffering that we've all been through in the LE community as of late, I thought Sgt. Reid's words were quite appropriate. Make sure to take care of yourself and those in your care.

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