Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Fixing damaged AVI headers?

Occasionally, you'll receive an .AVI file from the field that just won't open. You have the correct codec, but an inspection reveals that the header is corrupted or damaged. What to do?

A feature within Amped FIVE can help. Designed to convert files with a proprietary container, but with standard contents, the DVR Change Container to AVI (as well as the DVR Convert to Uncompressed AVI) functions as a repair tool.

Selected from the file menu, these powerful tools might take a few minutes to work with your broken file. The time spent depends entirely upon the size of the file - in terms of the amount of frames.

Once converted/changed, you can work your regular clarification routines and output stills or video.

It just keeps getting better.

1 comment:

Dave Thorne said...

I'm sure the ability to rescue these files is going to be very useful, thanks Jim for posting this.