Sunday, January 30, 2011

Statewide forensic oversight body proposed in California?

This just in from Forensic Magazine: "Assemblymember Tom Ammiano announced his intention to introduce two bills to improve the reliability and function of California’s criminal justice system. The first bill would create a statewide forensic oversight body that would craft uniform procedures and standards for crime labs throughout the state. The companion bill would develop guidelines for policies and procedures for the collection and handling of eyewitness evidence in criminal investigations by all law enforcement agencies operating in California. He believes both of these measures would increase public trust and the reliability of these two key components of that make up the backbone of our criminal justice system.

“The problems with San Francisco’s crime lab are just the tip of the iceberg both here and across the state. Without effective oversight to guarantee the integrity of evidence and standard procedures for eyewitness identification, we put both victims and the accused at risk. Our criminal justice system must reflect our society’s values and ensure that the end result is real justice for all involved,” said Ammiano."

Obviously, I'll be watching this development closely.


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