Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Forensic Magazine highlights Digital Lab design

The latest issue of Forensic Magazine has hit the streets. In this issue, Digital Forensics lab design takes centre stage.

"...Video Examination, with the increasing ease in digitally manipulating photo images, there is a significant need for mathematical and computational algorithms to aid forensic examiners to detect tampering in digital media. Video itself has always been a ground- breaking weapon against crime, but now even poor-quality videos can be enhanced to provide even more valuable data through an extremely powerful, yet cost-effective, toolset for forensic video enhancement.

Lighting control is the primary requirement for the design of a video examination space, which should include dimmable lighting and variable light quality sources. In order to enhance the concentration ability of the examiner, the space should be acoustically controlled, yet not to the extent required for digital audio analysis ..."

"... The examination of digital audio media necessitates an acoustically isolated space to allow the examiner to concentrate on the evidence without any interference from outside noise ..."

Read the entire article by clicking here.


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