Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Mercury, CUDA, and what it all means

This just in from Adobe Forums: 'Mercury Playback Engine' is a name for a large number of performance improvements in Premiere Pro CS5. Those improvements include the following:

- 64-bit application
- multithreaded application
- processing of some things using CUDA

Everyone who has Premiere Pro CS5 has the first two of these. Only the third one depends on having a specific graphics card.

Confusingly---because of one of our own early videos that was just plain unclear---a lot of people think that 'Mercury' just refers to CUDA processing. This is wrong. To see that this was not the original intent, you need look no further than the project settings UI strings 'Mercury Playback Engine GPU Acceleration' and 'Mercury Playback Engine Software Only', which would make no sense if 'Mercury' meant "hardware" (i.e., CUDA) ..."

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clipping path said...

awesome post! thanks a lot for sharing...