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Monday, November 26, 2007

Moving Beyond Bullet Points

I give over 2 dozen presentations per year. For the most part, I utilize Microsoft's PowerPoint as a visual aid. PowerPoint can be a great tool, if used properly. Fortunately, there is help for those who are PowerPoint shy.

Cliff Atkinson's outstanding work has recently been updated for Office 2007. If you are new to presenting, this is a must read. If you've been using PowerPoint for some time, this will definitely shock and amaze you.

Find out why it matters what you put on your slide's headlines. Find out the importance of the first five slides of your presentation. Learn to be an effective and engaging presenter. Use PowerPoint to help you tell your story. Don't let PowerPoint try to tell your story for you (it just won't work).

Forensics is the art of debate and oration. It is important that you, the presenter, tell your story. Your audience cannot pay attention to you and read your endless supply of bullet points. Most people will read the bullet points and tune you out. Learn how to fix this problem quite easily in Cliff Atkinson's book.

This on is on my must have list. Click here to get yours today.

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