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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Termination of SWGIT

This just in from SWGIT:

The Scientific Working Group on Imaging Technology (SWGIT) would like to thank the forensic community for the continued support, involvement, and participation in making this group and the documents we have provided over the last 18 years so very successful. The mission of the SWGIT has been to facilitate the integration of imaging technologies and systems within the criminal justice system (CJS) by providing best practices and guidelines for the capture, storage, processing, analysis, transmission, output, and archival of digital evidence. This mission has served our community well since the inception of the group in 1997. The SWGIT documents have been essential to developing laboratory and law enforcement best practices and guidelines across the United States as well as internationally. The documents have been used to demonstrate reliable scientific principles and methods in court and Daubert hearings.

The current economic climate has impacted the continued work of SWGIT. Due to a lack of funding revenue, SWGIT has made the decision to terminate operations. SWGIT’s website and social media will remain available as a continued valuable resource for all questions involving Forensic Video, Image Analysis, and Forensic Photography.
SWGIT documents will remain in effect and available on the SWGIT website, www.swgit.org. SWGIT has addressed concerns important to all members of the community including first responders, laboratory examiners, and managers of criminal justice organizations. Our website contains more than 20 recommendations and guidelines detailing procedures for digital photography, video and image processing, CCTV installations, documentation of image enhancement, and several other topics important in the current forensic environment. SWGIT was instrumental in the publication of two of our documents as ASTM standards, “Standard Guide for Image Processing” and “Standard Terminology for Digital and Multimedia Evidence Examination.”

As the forensic community moves forward, a goal of SWGIT is to continue to engage the entire law enforcement imaging community in the development of guidelines, best practices, and standards. In remaining true to that goal, SWGIT strongly encourages the members of our forensic disciplines to continue to support other professional groups that strive to provide such information.

SWGIT will continue to have an active web presence at www.swgit.org and on social media. Please see the social media links provided on our website.

Thank you again for making SWGIT such a long-standing success.

Melody Buba
Federal Bureau of Investigation

Cory Winar
Vice Chair
Eugene Police Department

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