Friday, May 22, 2015

SWGDE Response to the Termination of SWGIT

Posted on behalf of James Darnell, SWGDE Chair:

The recent announcement that the Scientific Working Group on Imaging Technology (SWGIT) made the executive decision to cease operations was disappointing news to the members of the Scientific Working Group on Digital Evidence (SWGDE). In this exciting but challenging time of standardization efforts and quality assurance development, our sister SWG was a solid example of how people can contribute to an industry effort in addition to their normal work responsibilities. The SWGIT membership leaves an impressive legacy of numerous guidelines and best practices in the Forensic Video, Image Analysis, and Forensic Photography disciplines.

SWGDE was proud to work closely with SWGIT for many years. Together we produced several joint documents including the SWGDE/SWGIT Guidelines and Recommendations for Training, SWGDE/SWGIT Proficiency Test Program Guidelines, SWGDE/SWGIT Recommended Guidelines for Developing SOPs, and the SWGDE/SWGIT Digital & Multimedia Evidence Glossary. SWGDE is pleased to have had the opportunity to support SWGIT when we could, especially with joint meetings. SWGDE helped build and financially support the SWGIT website since its inception and will continue to do so.

In keeping with that tradition of cooperation and support, SWGDE will help continue the achievements of SWGIT's membership by inviting them to participate in three new standing committees created to address video, photography, and image forensics. We also invited them to bring any unfinished work items, topics and agenda items that need addressing, but it will ultimately be up to the new committee members to decide their agenda and priorities.

SWGDE's mission is to bring together organizations actively engaged in the field of digital and multimedia evidence in order to foster communication and cooperation as well as to ensure quality and consistency within the forensic community. So while it is difficult to see such a valuable member of our community dissolve, we hope that through our new committees, SWGDE will address the discipline specific needs formerly provided by SWGIT.

David Hallimore
SWGDE Outreach Committee Chair

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