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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

First Responder debuts at NaTIA

One of the many vendors making a big splash at this year's NaTIA conference is MediaSolv. MediaSolv has teamed up with Amped Software to introduce it's First Responder product.

Here's how it works:

1. Retrieve the original video from the DVR (Flash/thumb drive, DVD, CD, etc.)
2. Because the format is proprietary, it cannot be played with Windows Media Player and Windows does not recognize the file.
3. Open First Responder.
4. When you import the video (drag & drop, or Video Loader filter), if First Responder does not recognize the format, you then have the option to convert the video to a standard format.
5. Convert the video, then you can play it in the First Responder Player.
6. If you aren't a MediaSolv Commander user, you can then export the video using the Video Writer Filter to a format standardized by your agency for play in Window Media Player or any other standard player.
7. If you are a Commander user, export to MediaSolv Commander along with other evidence items.

(Time start to finish ~10 minutes.)

First Responder is designed around Amped FIVE's innovative fast workflow and real-time filter concept to dramatically reduce the time required to process data and improves the success rate of various cases. First Responder will run on standard desktop or notebook computers and does not rely on third party commercial photo or video editing software, plug-ins, scripts, or special hardware. This makes the total cost of ownership much more manageable and is just one platform to learn, maintain, and deploy on hardware you already own.

  • Designed from top to bottom as a purpose built self-contained tool for video evidence ingest, viewing, fast editing, and conversion
  • Automatic generation of technical report
  • Support for images, videos and live streams
  • Integrated lossless DVR capture tool
  • Tools for converting proprietary files (transcode to proxy) for viewing on standard media players
  • Native support for Milestone XProtect® surveillance live feeds and archived files
  • Easy to use tools for fast/simple editing and evidence processing
  • Unique concept of filters: Drop, add, delete, modify, move, copy, paste, any filter in any position. Modify any parameter of any operation in any order; the results can be applied and seen immediately, even while playing a video
So, if you're in San Diego for the NaTIA conference, stop by the MediaSolv booth and check out First Responder. If you can't make it, send them a note requesting more information.

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