Thursday, March 13, 2014

An interesting use of crowd sourcing

Please consider taking a few minutes on March 28th to participate in the LEEDIR Operational Test!

What: LEEDIR (Large Emergency Event Digital Information Repository) Operational Test
When: Friday, March 28, 2014 - 9:00am - Noon PDT
How: Simply upload a random 1-3 minute video or still images shot with your cell phone. The video can be of anything, but we encourage video of people in public places, malls, shopping centers, convenience stores, vehicle traffic, etc.


The LEEDIR technology enables law enforcement and relief agencies to receive and rapidly analyze eyewitness videos and photos submitted by citizens during large emergency events.

Your participation in this exercise is being requested to help simulate a level of eyewitness photo and video submissions that would be expected during a major emergency event.

Law enforcement agencies around the nation have been invited to submit photos and videos to the LEEDIR platform through the LEEDIR website (, iPhone app (available now at the App Store)
or the Android app (available March 23rd at the Google Play Store).

As submissions are uploaded, investigators at the LASD Cyber Investigations Center (CIC) will review, manage, analyze and distribute the photos and videos as they would during a real major emergency event, to better inform their emergency response teams and gather evidence. During the event, analytics and statistics will be published, followed by a press conference at SHB to broadcast the results.

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