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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Work with only I-frames in FIVE

Some adjustments work best if you can isolate the I-frames in a video. Sometimes, you simply want a visual cue as to what type of frame is being displayed. Now, a recently added feature in FIVE helps solve that problem.

In the Player Panel, frame type (I,P,B) is displayed after the frame number, if the info is available. And, better still, you can select only the I-frames with which to work.

From the Select Filter menu, click on IFrames Selector. Wait a few seconds as FIVE scours the file and returns the I-frames for you.

So, not only can you select only the I-frames, the filter's menu will display the frame numbers of the selected frames. Better still, the selected frame numbers are entered in the report automatically. How cool is that?!

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