Monday, September 30, 2013

A word about purpose built software solutions

This was posted over in a LinkedIn group, so I thought I'd share it with everyone. This comment is from the creator of Amped FIVE, Martino Jerian.

"I know it's very difficult to have a one-stop solution for everything, especially if you are proficient and know very well other tools.

When I started working on FIVE my vision was precisely that: a one-stop solution (exactly as written in our about page). I know that's a very ambitious target, but it is what is driving our development in the right direction. It is something you can never fully reach, but I think we are asymptotically going there. The thing I hate most is to use different software to solve one single task: converting, exporting, importing is a boring process, tedious and error-prone (unless you work completely via scripting unix-style, but takes a lot of time).

When working on cases I rarely use anything else than FIVE (mainly for format conversion ffmpeg and VirtualDub). If I have a new need, rather than look for third-party software, I create a new tool for FIVE, so that, sooner or later, our customer can benefit from it as well. Granted, that is easy for me, being the developer, but very often we try to do that for our customers too, it the request is feasible. Jim already told you that in a previous post. For what regards George Reis, I implemented several of his requests, but he's so demanding I have to start a new company just to keep up with his features request ;)"

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