Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Spirit of Blue helps Revere PD

This just in from Spirit of Blue: "Events in the Boston area in April underscore the importance and critical role that this type of software can play. Just days after the bombing, law enforcement had tens of thousands of hours of cell phone and CCTV footage to comb through. Without a tool like Amped FIVE Professional, that footage could have been rendered unusable. As we know now, law enforcement’s ability to enhance and analyze that footage brought about the crucial break in identifying the suspects in the case,” commented Todd Parola, who serves the Spirit of Blue as the Chairman of the Board of Directors. “The Revere community in particular has made significant investments in their surveillance capability and Amped FIVE Professional will allow them to unlock the full value of the data they are now able to collect."

The Spirit of Blue Foundation helps LE agencies through grants of product. Check out their site to see if there's a grant that will help your agency.

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