Monday, May 6, 2013

Photoshop CC for Creative Cloud Members Coming Soon!

Here's the news coming out of Adobe on Photoshop CC: "We’re thrilled to announce that the next version of Photoshop, the world’s most popular digital imaging software, will be available to Creative Cloud members this June! This release, called Photoshop CC, will deliver dozens of new features, including capabilities in sharpening, upsampling and reducing blur, improvements to designer tools, added capabilities in Adobe Camera Raw, and much more."

As a Creative Cloud customer, I'm looking forward to seeing the new version. That I'll get to see it sooner than folks who bought the boxed version makes me feel a little special.

John Nack weighs in on the pricing scheme: "Shouldn’t loyal Adobe customers get a discount moving to Creative Cloud? Short answer: Absolutely.

Longtime Adobe customers have been very clear in their comments here throughout the last year: they’ve invested serious money with the company over the years, and they want that to be honored as we move forward.

Adobe agrees, so check this out. If you own CS3 or later:
  • You can get Creative Cloud Complete (the whole $2,600 Master Collection & more) for $29.99/month. 
  • Even better, if you own CS6, you can get Complete for $19.99/month (60% off the new-user price of $49.99).
  • If you don’t need or want everything in Complete, you can get Photoshop CC and other new CC apps for $9.99/month. That’s about 35 cents per day."
I still love Photoshop and use it daily. I can't wait to see what they've done with it.

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