Thursday, March 14, 2013

How do you define your skill set?

Do you work with "video?" Most FVA's will say, of course. When asked if they work with "audio," many will respond that someone else handles audio. But, what about the audio track on a VHS tape, or in a DME file?

I started working on audio years ago, and I find that many of the processes - especially the frequency based processes - are transferable between my audio work and my video work. Here's an example - FFT for pattern noise removal. You can do FFT functions with Amped FIVE for images and video. But the process is the same as an audio notch filter. Gaussian functions in image editors are the same as pass filters in audio editors ... and so on.

So, don't be afraid to venture into the audio section of your multimedia book store. And ... who knows ... maybe you'll see some audio editing / clarification instruction at LEVA in the not-so-distant future (if you don't ask for it, they won't offer it - right?!).

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