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Friday, January 13, 2012

Is Quality Assurance Important?

Illinois seems to think that Quality Assurance serves an important purpose: "The Illinois State Police (ISP), Division of Forensic Services, Forensic Sciences Command employs a strict internal quality control program to ensure all ISP forensic scientists maintain proficiency in their forensic specialty and that the quality of their case work is consistent with our high standards.

Through its Quality Assurance Program, the Forensic Sciences Command has identified a potential quality concern that could impact some latent fingerprint analysis. Specifically, the Forensic Sciences Command has identified a quality concern regarding work performed by one of ISP’s forensic scientists. The ISP is currently performing a comprehensive review to determine the scope of the concern and is taking measures to remedy any effect it may have. The cases under review do not involve any fingerprint misidentification.

The ISP has notified all the State's Attorney offices for which the scientist analyzed evidence to make them aware of the situation. As part of our remediation process, analysis previously performed by the scientist will be reviewed, and reanalyzed, as necessary. Results of any reanalysis will be reported to the agency which originally submitted evidence to the laboratory, per our normal reporting protocol."


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