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Thursday, August 18, 2011

CCTV User Group looks at UK riots

"... the Met Police alone, have identified 3,296 criminal incidents related to the riots and have already made over 1,883 arrests and charged over 1,074 people, principally based on recordings from the Public Area CCTV cameras, but also their own 'body worn' cameras and owners systems, a remarkable achievement!

This is echoed the results from Birmingham (by the 13th 509 arrested and 141 charged), Manchester(256 arrested, 166 charged), Merseyside (by the 15th 216 arrested and 86 charged), Nottingham and other Town and Cities similarly affected. A fantastic result that couldn't have been achieved without the Local Authority Public Area CCTV systems, and the support of all the 'back office staff' within the Police Forces!

Now, hopefully the additional resources, proposed by the Police, have quietened things down, but be under no dis-illusion the work of the Police and Local Authorities behind the scenes is still at fever pitch ..."

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