Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Attaching closed caption files in Premiere Pro CS5.5

One of the new features in Premiere Pro CS5.5 is the ability to attach a closed captioning data file to a sequence and preview the closed captions in the Program panel.

You can attach a closed caption data file to a sequence and display the closed captions in the Program Monitor and through Firewire DV output. The attachable file types are .mcc and .scc for DTV (CEA-708) and SD (CEA-608) respectively.

Select the sequence, and then select Sequence > Closed Captioning > Attach File. To display attached closed captions, go to the Program Monitor's wing menu and select "Enable" under the "Closed Captioning Display" option.

While closed captions provide assistance for the hearing impaired, they're also a great tool for titling videos for court purposes. Through captioning, the audio portion of a program appears as text superimposed over the image. Closed captions include dialogue, as well as descriptions of sounds in the program. Reminder: only the NTSC television standard accepts closed captions; PAL does not.

You create closed captions using a third-party captioning application, exporting them as source safe format (SCC) files. You then reference the SCC files by assigning them to clips in a timeline, using the Video Clip Properties panel. Closed captions will synchronize with the source timecode of the video clips you assign them to.



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