Friday, November 12, 2010

Specialized Studies Program in Forensic Photography - UC Davis Extension Program

Learn the art of producing accurate documentation of a crime scene, accident or other types of investigations with this online program in forensic photography. The field of forensic photography is expanding as the need for professionals with the technical ability to provide precise documentation to courts and other agencies grows.

Forensic photography has become an integral part of not only crime scenes but accidents, disasters, engineering failures, product liability and child protection—virtually all events and situations requiring documentation.

Gain practical knowledge that matters

Learn from a nationally recognized expert in the field of forensic photography. Gain insight into the principles of digital photography.

This online program is designed for law enforcement officers, investigators, medical personnel, government officials involved in disaster investigations and documentation, private detectives, legal and paralegal personnel, engineers and technicians, and anyone interested in gathering and/or documenting data for legal and/or scientific purposes.

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