Thursday, September 2, 2010

Difficulties producing 'digital evidence' cause lawyers to lose cases

From SC Mag on-line: "... Almost all of the lawyers questioned (98 per cent) said that ‘digital evidence' identified during e-discovery had been vital to the success of legal matters in which they had been involved in the past two years.

Over half of the respondents (60 per cent) admitted they struggled with the amount of information that had to be searched; 29 per cent complained that they did not have enough time to conduct thorough investigations; while 24 per cent said they lacked sufficiently sophisticated e-discovery technology to fulfil requests effectively.

When asked how this might be alleviated, 57 per cent specifically called for 'improvements to search technology used to identify, preserve and process electronically stored information', over measures such as new legislation governing the presentation of evidence in digital formats or greater international collaboration ..."

ed: here's hoping they get the whole codec thing sorted out. As for a "universal video player," I won't hold my breath.

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