Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Cell phone forensics training and resources

We've just inked a deal to package training on FinalData's cell phone forensics products, as well as to write the training books for the basic and advanced users classes that we'll be offering. We'll offer the classes first in Southern California, then take them on the road.

If you've been looking for some serious hands-on, here's your chance. We'll be hosting the first set of classes in the 1st quarter of 2010 in Pasadena.

We've had some amazing successes getting data from CDMA phones with FinalData. We liked the product so much, we approached the company with a proposition - we'll create a training program and training materials, package the software with a laptop, and offer training classes. It's a true win-win. When it comes to CDMA phones, the other products out there profess to get the data ... FinalData actually does it.

When the dates are finalised, I'll post them on the blog.


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