Thursday, August 19, 2010

DSI-Vegas Thursday recap

The Orleans hotel was quite the venue. With a stop at the cafe for a quick bite, it was off to the morning sessions.

I started the morning off with a Colour Correction Techniques in Photoshop workshop. Simultaneous to my workshop were lectures on Compression, unconventional forensic video/imaging techniques, super resolution, an intro to cell phone forensics, and an overview of digital media types.

In the afternoon, I stopped in to see the NAS Report and You before getting set up to speak on authentication of digital CCTV (a case study).

After a round of questions and good-byes, it was on the road and back to the mountains.

The organisers of DSI really set the bar high for next year. There were a ton of quality lectures and workshops to choose from. Add to that the quality networking and you'll surely see me there next year.


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Martin said...

Thanks for the recap, Jim. What did you think of the Color Correction Techniques in Photoshop workshop? I'm curious to know what you're taught to use as a frame of reference when correcting color of video images? I often thought to myself that you would need to be a Colorist to accurately perform color correction. Not the case?