Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Alien Skin - Exposure 3

I'm an old fan of Alien Skin products. So, to be fair, I'm admittedly biassed. That being said, I wanted to take a look at Exposure 3 to see if I could use it in the workflow.

There's a number of things that I really like about this version of Exposure. First, I like all of the choices of film types. In my test, I took an image that was in colour and a bit soft. It was an image that I needed to clarify to discover tool marks / identifying marks on a shell casing.

Exposure 3 had the film selection that I was looking for - a b/w choice in this case.

Another nice thing is the fact that the plugin puts the filter info into the layer that's created. How cool is that?

At $249, it's a bit on the expensive side for a plugin. But ... you'll more than make up for the price is time savings. Yes, it's that good. Also, there's a free trial available. Try it and see for yourself.

With the trend towards putting inexpensive digital cameras in the hands of novice shooters, the quality of crime scene photos is going down. Long gone are the days when an actual Photographer would show up with the appropriate lens/body/film combo to make the shot "just right." With Exposure 3, you can get some of that back in Photoshop CS5 without spending a ton of time.


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