Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Adobe Community Help

From time to time, everyone has a question or two about using Photoshop - that's why this blog exists. When you start Photoshop Help (see above), the new Adobe Community Help window opens. You can search product help from Local Help, Community Help, or by using keywords or browsing through a list of categories and topics to locate specific information. Local Help looks through the help files on your local computer, Community Help gets its product help online, and accesses the help information on

When you search the help files using keywords, a list of possible answers is shown from the search location with the most likely responses at the top. Along with help text, some help topics include links to text and video tutorials (when available). Additionally, comments and ratings from users are available - adding to the value of this new help system. You can add your own feedback and suggestions by signing in to using your Adobe ID.


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