Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Photography Unplugged

I realise that there are many photography purists that read this blog. Even though I'm a "Photoshop guy*," I still love raw, unfiltered photography. I can remember back to my youth, discovering photography with my grandmother - listening to stories about how her father created a darkroom in their basement in Toronto. Admiring the sprit of adventure that was evident in her, and his photographs.

Harald Mante's photographs remind me of those taken by by grandmother and great grandfather. The straight forward approach to photography, with an unmodified - uncropped view of the world brings back memories for me. Like my grandmother, Mante loved slide film.

With Photography Unplugged, Mante's photos - all captured on Kodachrome slide film - show how simple and uncomplicated photography can be beautiful and inspirational.**

The book*** displays some of his best work, recalling the analogue days that are sadly behind us. It also serves as a good-by and thank you to Kodak, who has - sadly - chosen to discontinue the production of Kodacrhome slide film.

*FTC compliance notice: I am actually a typical American male from a mixed ethnic background (yes, the Scots and Irish do mix - but it's kind of loud - you'd have to see it to understand) who loves photography, design, the "forensic" uses of many products, and tossing cabers. References and incriminating pictures available upon request.
**FTC compliance notice: results not typical. As we do not share grandparents or great grandparents, you should not expect to have similar feelings when reading Photography Unplugged by Harald Mante.
***FTC compliance notice: the book was provided to me without cost by the publisher, Rocky Nook. It has since been re-gifted to an entirely worthy photographer (name withheld). I have derived no material gain from the book or the publisher whatsoever.

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