Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Advanced Class

I was just kicking it into high gear, getting ready for the Advanced Forensic Photoshop class that the AIFE is offering in late June and the power goes out in the neighbourhood.

LA's DWP assures us that it will be back by noon today. It's three hours beyond that already with no relief in sight. So I'm sitting here at a super secret location typing away.

The folks at the AIFE are looking to build an interest list for the class. If you are interested, give them a call or send them a note.

The class will be held entirely on-line, utilising the Blackboard learning environment. It will feature 6 "cases" that we'll work from start to finish. Each one will be a challenge, and each will present a slightly different challenge from the rest. This won't be a "sit back and watch" event. You'll be expected to work each case and submit your results. Your grade will depend upon not just how well you work in Photoshop, but how well you document your work. You see, we'll be working your files from start to finish. Your "case" has to be documented and repeatable. So you'll get plenty of practice proving each others' work. If the steps can't be repeated or there's incomplete information to perform a task, I'll be on the discussion boards and available by e-mail to help sort things out.

So, not only will you pick up some new techniques and some great workflow tips, you'll get a chance to really polish your "game day" workflow. I'm not saying that it'll be Hell's Kitchen meets Photoshop, but there will be a little pressure. The 40 hours of the class must be completed, as well as the final exam, in 2 weeks. Work at your own pace ... but the clock will be ticking.

Due to the strenuous and time consuming nature of the course, we'll only be offering it 2 or 3 times per year. If you are interested, send the AIFE a note.

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