Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Adobe Camera Raw Fun

Have you ever had a bunch of Tiff images from the same source with the same lighting problems? Maybe you did a sequential Tiff image export from Adobe Premier Pro CS3 or from your Avid Media Composer Adrenaline. Everything seems fine with these images, but the exposure seems just a bit off. You want a way to quickly bump the exposure, but you are not sure how. Well, here's a quick way using Adobe Bridge and Adobe Camera Raw 4.2:
  1. In Bridge, browse to the folder containing your images.
  2. Press Ctrl-A (or Edit>Select All) to highlight all of the Tiff images in the folder.
  3. Press Ctrl-R (or File>Open in Camera Raw) to open all of them in Adobe Camera Raw 4.2. 
  4. Press Ctrl-A to highlight all of the thumbnails in the Filmstrip or click the Select All button in the upper left corner.
  5. Make your exposure adjustments
  6. Click on the Done button when you are finished.

You can now see your changes in the Bridge Content and Preview Panels. If you want to clear these settings later and return the files to their original state, right click on the image(s) and choose Develop Settings>Clear Settings.

This can be a simple way to make simple lighting adjustments when time is of the essence. Remember, this is only a temporary fix to facilitate a quick viewing of the enhanced images. To make the changes permanent, you have to open the images in Photoshop and save them.

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