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Tuesday, March 19, 2019

New courses coming this week

I'm putting the finishing touches on the redaction courses that I've been working on. I've presented redaction (audio / video) as in-person training for years. This week, I'll release the micro-learning versions of the courses.
  • AL110 - Redaction for California SB1421 / AB748 Compliance - featuring the Adobe Creative Suite tools.
  • AL111 - Redaction for California SB1421 / AB748 Compliance - featuring the Magic Software tools (Vegas Pro 16 + Sound Forge Audio Cleaning Lab).
  • AL112 - Redaction for California SB1421 / AB748 Compliance - featuring the Amped FIVE and Audacity.
  • AL113 - Introduction to Redaction of Multimedia Evidence - features processing in Adobe, Amped, Audacity, and Magix software products.
Whilst AL110, AL111, and AL112 were designed with the new redaction laws in California in mind, they're a lower cost option for those agencies who want to focus on a single software package. The California laws require a fast turnaround of redaction requests whilst forbidding the agency from charging the requestor or seeking reimbursement from the state. With this in mind, the workflow is geared towards efficiency and speed. As such, agencies / employees around the world can benefit from this course.

AL113 is perfect for those agencies / employees exploring the concept for the first time as well as those looking at the various software packages available for off-line redaction. 
  • Adobe and Magix products are ubiquitous in the marketplace, enjoying a massive customer base. For off-line redaction, they are cost effective and relatively simple to use.
  • Amped FIVE was chosen as many agencies have purchased it for redaction and analysis. It's probably the fastest manual redaction tool on the market, even though it's not a redaction tool as such (it's an analysis platform that contains redaction functionality). FIVE doesn't have the ability to redact audio. Thus, I've paired it with Audacity, an amazingly easy to use freeware audio editor.
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