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Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Training, training, and more training

With the new year comes new tax laws, new regulations, and new rules that require businesses and individuals to modify their path as they navigate the world of governmental compliance. It's no different here in stormy southern Nevada.

But, with change comes opportunity. 2019 brings change for the better, and more training offerings than ever before.

I've already announced the release of Statistics for Forensic Analysts. This is offered as micro-learning, on-line and on-demand and comes in response to initiatives at the federal and state level. Given that statistics form the foundation of much of opinion based testimony in the digital forensic sciences, as well as the other disciplines that offer photographic comparison evidence (latent print, tool mark, firearms, questioned documents, etc), this class is designed to provide the necessary instruction in statistics - specifically tailored for forensic science practitioners.

With redaction begin the focus of much of the US, as well as being the focus of a new set of laws in California, I've announced a redaction class specific for California agencies to help not only with mastering the technology ... but also navigating complex a legal context. This class comes in four versions, if you will. If you're an Amped Software customer, the hands-on learning will be facilitated with Amped FIVE (video) and Audacity (audio). If you're an Adobe customer, the hands-on learning will be facilitated with the Adobe Creative Suite. If you're a Magix customer, the hands-on learning will be facilitated with Vegas and Sound Forge. And, if you haven't decided on a solution, our general class will provide an overview of all of these solutions, giving you a sense of what may work best for you, your agency, and your legal context. Even if you're not in California, their strict regime's rules help to illustrate the many compliance issues you may not realize apply to you and your agency.

All of these redaction classes will be offered via micro-learning, maximizing your training dollars and offering significant savings over traveling to training. Partnering with LearnUpon for the LMS, these micro-learning sessions are available world-wide with local currency payment options via Square, PayPal, or TransferWise. They will also be offered in Henderson, NV. If you've got a big group, and you'd like a training session at your location, that can be arranged as well. In fact, all of the offerings going forward will be available this way - on-line, in Henderson, or at your location.

It's going to be an exciting year. I'm excited that technology has evolved such that it's becoming easier and more cost effective to offer flexible training options. So stay tuned, it's going to be a fun ride. New offerings will be rolling out each month. In the meantime, head over and sign up for Statistics for Forensic Analysts ...

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