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Saturday, August 15, 2015

End of an era

It's with a touch of sadness and regret that I must end my run as your humble blogger. I will leave this site up for as long as Google allows, to serve as a reference. But no new posts will appear.

All the best and thanks.



Unknown said...

Hi Jim, that is sad news, thanks for all the great posts, your blog will be missed.

David said...

This is sad news! Cheers Jim, and I look forward to catching up soon. Spready

Doktor Jon said...

A "humble blogger' that's head and shoulders above the pack!
Sorry to hear that you're calling it a day Jim, but thanks for all the hugely informative posts over the years.
It's much appreciated by many.
Cheers for now,

Andrew Smith said...

That's a real shame. Can only hope that ti was for a really really good reason.

Unknown said...

Why? This is a very interesting blog! Continue, please :)

dbuck said...

just found your informative blog today, while researching the alleged Billy the Kid tintype that aired on the National Geographic Channel last October. Do you have an opinion about the facial recognition part of the program? (The show is online.)

Supposed forensic facial recognition expert Kent Gibson claimed to use some sort of facial recognition software -- not clearly explained -- to establish an 80.1% match between the alleged Billy (out of focus, blurry, and hat covered) and the only known authentic Billy tintype. But when asked if in court he would say it was a match, he replied no, he would "deny" it. He have no explanation, and quickly changed the subject to croquet. Dan

Jim Hoerricks said...

http://forensicphotoshop.blogspot.com/2014/10/who-are-these-people-anyway.html -

dbuck said...

I did read your post re Gibson -- Googling his name is what led me to your blog. What I'm trying to get a handle on is what the heck he did on the program. The face from the alleged Billy tintype looked like someone had thrown a chocolate & vanilla pudding at the wall. Gibson marked it up with red dots and voila, pronounced it an 80.1% match. Very unconvincing and never explained. Although he said there was a match, he said in court he would "deny" it. A very strange performance. Dan