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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Coursera courses reviewed

Last week, I finished the Coursera course, Visual Perception and the Brain. This course was taught by Dale Purves, MD, of Duke University and is one of the growing number of on-line non-credit courses offered by leading universities and noted professors around the world.

I would recommend that DME analysts put this course on their to-do lists and watch for it to be offered again. There's a lot of good information delivered as part of the class.

That being said, if you've never taken an on-line university level course you may have some trouble with the format. You watch the video of each section's lecture. You're free to download and save it locally. You can also download and save the slides and a fairly accurate transcript of the lecture. There's an expectation that you'll dive in a little deeper and study each section's topic on your own prior to taking each section's test. The test questions aren't written directly from the lecture / slides and assume that you've done a bit of extra reading in order to gain a deeper understanding of the week's topic.

Coursera has a lot of classes available for free. In this world of shrinking budgets and doing more with less, you can't beat free classes.

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