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Thursday, February 26, 2015


This just in from SWGDE:

The Scientific Working Group on Digital Evidence (SWGDE) is pleased to announce the posting of the following four new draft documents for public review and comment at https://www.swgde.org/ documents/Released%20For% 20Public%20Comment

SWGDE Best Practices for the Recovery of Data from CCTV Digital Video Recorders (version 1.0)
SWGDE Mac OS X Tech Notes (version 1.2)
SWGDE Best Practices for Forensic Audio (revision 2.20)
SWGDE-SWGIT Glossary (version 2.8)
The draft "SWGDE Best Practices for Handling Damaged Mobile Devices" document released for public review and comment last September is still in draft status and remains open for comments: https://www.swgde.org/documents/Released%20For%20Public%20Comment/2014-09-08%20SWGDE%20Best%20Practices%20for%20Handling%20Damaged%20Mobile%20Devices

In accordance with SWGDE policy, draft documents will be posted for a minimum of 60 days for public comment. The first page of each draft document gives instructions on how to submit feedback to our Secretary via an email to secretary@swgde.org All feedback received prior to our next meeting in June 2015 will be reviewed by the appropriate subcommittee at that meeting.

At the conclusion of our last meeting, SWGDE voted to re-release the "SWGDE Establishing Confidence in Digital Forensic Results by Error Mitigation Analysis" document as an Approved version 1.5 making some minor grammatical/stylistic changes to it. However, as noted on the cover page of all our documents, "SWGDE encourages stakeholder participation in the preparation of documents. Suggestions for modifications are welcome and must be forwarded to the Secretary in writing at secretary@swgde.org"

All approved documents are available for download on the Current Documents page of the SWGDE website: https://www.swgde.org/ documents/Current%20Documents

We appreciate your participation as SWGDE continues its mission to bring together organizations actively engaged in the field of digital and multimedia evidence to foster communication and cooperation as well as ensuring quality and consistency within the forensic community. Anyone interested in receiving regular updates via email is encouraged to sign up for the SWGDE NewsBytes newsletter here: https://www.swgde.org/ newsletter/newsletterSignUp

Thank you,

David Hallimore
SWGDE Outreach Committee Chair

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