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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

FIVE gets updated again

Amped Software announced some really cool additions to their flagship program, FIVE.

Build 6636 includes the following new stuff and fixes:

  • New filter. Correct Aspect Ratio: doubles the height of an image which appears vertically squeezed because of an incomplete deinterlacing process or other issues in the decoding. Only one line every two will be interpolated, while the others will be kept at the original pixel values. (this was done with the Deinterlace filter before. This change makes it easier to explain your work)
  • New filter. Add Text: adds textual annotations including dynamic project variables which are automatically printed as (frame number, file name, filter name, video length...) As with any other filter, you can use this many times over. Thus, you can tag and track multiple objects with ease.
  • New filter. Add Shape: adds geometric shapes to the image, such as rectangles, circles, lines and arrows. They can change across the video, for example to track a moving target. Again, you can use this filter as many times as necessary to track objects.
  • New Filter. Change Frame Rate: changes the frame rate of a video, for example when set incorrectly in the original file.
  • Deinterlace: now the frame rate of the player is automatically updated when doubling the number of frames.
  • Remove Duplicates: now the frame rate can be changed, either manually or automatically, depending on the number of frames which have been discarded.
  • GUI: when commands that require at least a filter are called on an empty project, an error message is displayed.
  • GUI: current frame and total number of frames displayed on the status bar.
In all, this is great news. The annotation features will certainly help on a case I have active right now. 


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