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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Is DME "digital evidence"

There's a bit of a fight between the "digital forensics" crowd and the "forensic DME analysis" crowd as to what constitutes "digital evidence." We have the red Flip Book that states clearly that it does not concern itself with computer forensics. The Electronic Crime Scene Investigation: A Guide for First Responders states clearly, in Chapter 1, Section 5:

Section 5 — Other Potential Sources of Digital Evidence
First responders should be aware of and consider as potential evidence other elements of the crime scene that are related to digital information, such as electronic devices, equipment, software, hardware, or other technology that can function independently, in conjunction with, or attached to computer systems. These items may be used to enhance the user’s access of and expand the functionality of the computer system, the device itself, or other equipment.

Remember, it is recommended by the NIJ that protocols for how to handle electronic crime scenes and digital evidence be developed in compliance with agency policies and prevailing Federal, State, and local laws and regulations - and common sense. Your properly trained and equipped CF technician should work side-by-side with your properly trained and equipped DME technician.

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