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Monday, July 21, 2014

Video as Evidence: To be evidence, what does video need?

There's an interesting conversation going on over at New Tactics in Human Rights about using video as evidence. Here's the question that kicked it off:

Welcome to the discussion! We want to start this discussion by exploring what we mean by "evidence" and why it's important in seeking justice. Consider these questions below when sharing your comments in this discussion topic:

  • The term evidence is used often (and somewhat broadly) in the human rights world. What does it take to ensure video documentation is legal evidence? In other words, how can we ensure video that activists sometimes risk their lives to capture, could be admitted into a court of law?
  • At what stages of the criminal justice process can investigators and lawyers use video evidence?
  • How do investigators and lawyers use video captured by activists in their process to seek the truth and secure accountability?
Head over to their site and see how the conversation is progressing.

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