Thursday, January 16, 2014

Oops, they did it again

Our friends at Ocean Systems sent a spam recently, announcing their Omnivore Field Kit overview webinar. I'm wondering if attendees are allowed to ask questions.

In the webinar, you will learn how to "quickly and easily [capture] uncompressed crime scene video directly from any DVR source." Really?! We went over this already. Omnivore is a nice "last / worse case" option. While you are capturing the contents of the graphics buffer for the computer on which you are running the Omnivore, the actual data (evidence) is still sitting on the DVR. The Omnivore does not actually retrieve the evidence (data) from the system. It takes a picture of the screen that displays the video signal.

The fact that it does screen scrapes in an uncompressed and easy fashion is great. However, they're still screen scrapes. You're still grabbing video signal - when your evidence is the data on the DVR.

So, if you are interested in retrieving digital multimedia evidence from crime scenes, there are a number of ways to do it. On your list of ways, grabbing the signal from the graphics buffer should be your last option - after seizing the DVR is ruled out.

Seriously, why are we still talking about this?!

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