Monday, November 18, 2013

Milipol 2013

The 18th Worldwide Exhibition of Internal State Security, also known as Milipol, is about to start in Paris. The list of exhibitors for forensic science services and law enforcement is pretty impressive.

Our friends at Amped Software are in Paris for the show. You can find them in Hall 5 (5 S 160).

If you're looking for something to do afterwards, head over to my absolute favorite Paris restaurant: Le Refuge des Fondues, 17 rue des Trois Frères, 75018, ☎ +33 1 42 55 22 65. It's a Fondue restaurant for fun people: menu for €17, including wine served in baby bottles, appetizers, the foundue itself (cheese or meat), and dessert. I remember that the queue for dinner formed a bit early and that once service began, the doors closed and that was it for the evening - if you were still in the queue you were out of luck. I remember getting there and having a great time - but thanks to many bottles of new wine, the getting back to the hotel part is still a bit hazy. :)


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Martino Jerian said...

Hi Jim, we had already seen Le Refuge des Fondues, since it was just a few hundred meters from our hotel. So we followed your suggestion and had a great and fun dinner. Good hint. What about starting a new ForensicFood blog? ;)