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Monday, August 12, 2013

the LEVA saga continues

I called the resort to confirm that a reservation had been made in my name. As of this morning (EST), there was no confirmation in my name ... and no available rooms. Another call and a more frank reservation attendant noted that the site managers often keeps a few rooms in reserve, and that there might be some room to move. But that I'd have to call and speak with the local manager and plead my case. Also, those rare rooms wouldn't be going for the LEVA rate, for certain.

Given that the room was supposed to be booked for me, I'm a wee bit concerned. I was told that this would be taken care of for me ... as I'm a volunteer instructor. But, as of this morning, no room and no flight. I've got calls and e-mails out to the appropriate people.

To be continued ...

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