Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Digital Automotive Image System has been updated

The commission of crimes and terrorist acts frequently involve a motor vehicle. Having photos or images quickly available of all known vehicles with their accompanying data improves the chances of successful eye witness identification. Southwest Research Institute has updated and improved its last version of the Digital Automotive Image System (DAIS) that provided a front, side, and rear-view image of nearly every make and model of motor vehicle commercially manufactured in the last 20 years. The new system includes those cars made since the last version was produced three years ago. Investigators can search the database by vehicle category, body style, number of doors, and other traits besides the make and model. DAIS can produce photo lineups and “Be on the Lookout” type posters. DAIS, which was produced with the assistance of the FBI, fits on one DVD and is easily downloaded to a computer hard drive. In 2012, Southwest Research Institute distributed one DAIS DVD to each law enforcement agency in the United States. In the past, DAIS has played a significant role in a number of major cases. Law enforcement agencies may seek further information about DAIS by contacting

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