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Thursday, November 15, 2012

History log function now in Amped FIVE

Yesterday, Amped Software announced a new update to FIVE. Along with some bug fixes, FIVE now has an automatic logging feature. You'll find this by clicking on View>Open Log Folder.

Since the new default is to log every action in FIVE, I just wanted to remind you of a post I wrote a few years ago about the discovery issue related to history logs.

... Smith and Bace make clear the fact that the reports we generate will provide fodder for cross examination. This includes the History Log. If your log is not handled correctly, it will likely include a running list of every image ever processed by you on your computer. Do you want to turn this list over for discovery? Imagine the questions it would generate. If your Log only shows work on a few images, but hundreds were turned in for discovery, you should expect a long series of questions ...

As the FIVE history logs record not only the actions, including play and pause, but also the local time, file locations, and etc ... you might want to run the use of this feature past your chain of command and your risk management section. In the mean time, you can turn this feature off in the Program Options window, if you want to.


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