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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Forensic Photoshop turns 3 this month

It's with surprise and gratitude that I say ... Forensic Photoshop turns 3 this month. On behalf of my publisher and myself, thanks for your continued support.


CAPTWES said...

Hi Jim

Just discovered your Blog and have enjoyed and appreciated the valuable information that it includes. Congratulations!

Was wondering if you could provide any advice as to the availability of post production software that does a good job of enhancing facial images of drivers or passengers that are hidden by windshield glare-reflections, etc. I have seen a number of photos taken through a windshield looking into a vehicle and the area around the drivers face becomes visible through what looks like a little clear rectangle over the facial image.

Any advice you can provide would be appreciated.

Thank you

Jim Hoerricks said...


This post describes the process that you're looking for.



Doktor Jon said...

3 years already ...?

That's gone very quickly!

Congratulations on some great posting Jim, and here's to the next three years .... and more!!