Monday, October 11, 2010

Public Safety and Law Enforcement Solutions Seminars

Today, public safety entities — from first responders to law enforcement personnel — are facing a new set of external and internal technology-based challenges. Externally, criminals are using smarter technologies to commit crimes, and natural disasters and fires are still a very real threat, while internally the technologies and applications for dealing with these issues lag behind. Shrinking budgets compound these challenges.

To meet these challenges, public safety agencies need to start by leveraging existing tools, employing the latest relevant technology, and using external resources to help them think outside the box to ensure public safety and justice.

Join me and the Adobe team for a complimentary seminar dedicated to Adobe's Public Safety and Law Enforcement Solutions, designed to help your agency meet the unique challenges you face today. I'll be joining the Adobe team at their Dallas and Miami tour stops. The Dallas stop is this Thursday, October 14, and the Miami stop is the following Thursday, October 21.

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Anonymous said...

I googled the seminar name to see if I could find out more info about it (aside from what's on their site). I came across this blog.

I will be at the Miami seminar. I'm looking forward to it.